Sunday, August 8, 2010

Teddy 5 months

Well the last one works, so I'll try and catch up a bit. I'm supposed to be at church right now, but G-ma Judy came and got Ru at 9:15, and Teddy almost immediatly went down for a nap and has been sleeping ever since. She sleeps SO much better when the noisy big sister isn't here. ;)

Here she is at five months old. She's discoverd her toes, a handy toy (and/or snack) that's always easy to find when you get bored.

No really, she likes her toes.
Managed to get the toes out of her mouth long enough to take some pics on the chair, but she would NOT put her legs down. Fine then, I rather like the cute little toes too, altho I'm not quite as into tasting them. ;)
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