Monday, August 16, 2010

Bathtime with Teddy

teddy is getting pretty good at sitting up on her own; I planned on taking some pics after church while she was still in her cute little dress. She had other plans and blew out her diaper, so she demonstrated her sitting up skills in the bathtub instead. This was the first bath she really enjoyed, as she was able to sit up well enough she could focus on other things, like splashing! And boy, did she splash!

Note the water droplets on the left in mid air. :)

My shirt is a bit wet on the last one there, too. We may have to start giving her baths in the shower stall soon. :)
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Teddy 6 months

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This is Teddy practicing her camouflage skills.
Here she's practicing her rolling over skills.
Here she's practicing her wizardry skills. (What? Your kid doesn't do that?)
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My girls

Just some random cute pics of the girls.

Ru wanted me to take a picture of her mouth.
Nana and papa visited and brought us some new yard toys. This is Ru's new car.
I was trying to get Ru to go to bed earlier by waking her up in the mornings. I actually have a whole series of sleepy Ru pics now, this is one of my faves.
After I got her up a bit more that morning, Ru wanted to hold baby sister. So I had her sit on her bed with her back to the wall, and I put Teddy in her 'lap.' It wouldn't have worked at all if Teddy wasn't getting better at sitting up, and as it was she gradually reclined more and more til Ru was ready to be done with her. We love sisters!
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A couple more fourth pics

These ones aren't as festive, but are fun all the same.

Teddy is getting better at sitting up, she's far from mastering the skill, but she's making some progress.

She loves her walker these days, and is getting good at moving the beads around.
If you think Ru rocks this outfit now, you should have seen her when she had the pony tails with blue ribbons at church. She messed them up pretty quickly after we got home tho, so we just took them out. Here she's helping Daddy make waffles for dinner.
And for lack of a better spot to post it, here is a pic of our new cat, Cocoa. She was abondonded when our neighbor behind us moved out. She managed on her own for three weeks before the new guy moved in. I had hoped he would take her in, but he didn't want her so I finally succombed and let her stay on our front porch. She does have really cool coloring, she's dark brown, with an orange 'overcoat' for lack of better word for it. It's like the fur on her back is two different colors. She also has one white 'eyebrow' and one black, so it looks like she doesn't have those whiskers over her left eye. She's quite friendly and likes Ru; she doesn't mind her petting her the wrong way and such. We also suspect she may be pregnant. No good deed goes unpunished I suppose... ;)
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4th of July

We bought Ru some little snap pops to play with for the fourth of July. She's not generally into loud noises so I was surprised at how well she did with them. She wasn't very successful at throwing them, but we figured out a way that worked for her. (esp since she was wearing the cowboy boots)

First you put the snap pop on the ground.

Then stomp!!
Always keep water handy when using fireworks. OK, so there's no way a snap pop would start a fire, Ru just loves playing with the squirt bottles.
Daddy wonders "what's in these things, anyway?" He didn't believe me when I said rocks and gunpowder. Anyone know?

We didn't do anything else for the fourth, our little town holds off on the fireworks for the old fashioned festival the last weekend in July (and we watch from our front porch) and we weren't invited to any picnics or anything (or inclined to try and host our own). It was nice to just hang out at home and relax.
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Teddy 5 months

Well the last one works, so I'll try and catch up a bit. I'm supposed to be at church right now, but G-ma Judy came and got Ru at 9:15, and Teddy almost immediatly went down for a nap and has been sleeping ever since. She sleeps SO much better when the noisy big sister isn't here. ;)

Here she is at five months old. She's discoverd her toes, a handy toy (and/or snack) that's always easy to find when you get bored.

No really, she likes her toes.
Managed to get the toes out of her mouth long enough to take some pics on the chair, but she would NOT put her legs down. Fine then, I rather like the cute little toes too, altho I'm not quite as into tasting them. ;)
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Church Camp out

I know, I'm way behind--again. Hopefully this program will work again (Picasa, LOVE it for organizing my pics, but the blog feature wasn't working for me earlier) and make it easier. Anyway...

We took the girls on our annual church camp out. We were able to borrow a friends tent trailer, and Ru slept at the hotel with G-ma Judy and G-pa Don, but we STILL didn't get much sleep. Teddy didn't sleep well and there was just so much going on she apparently didn't want to miss anything. (even at 4 am. Go figure.) But we had fun and got some nice pics, too.

We shared our campsite with our friend Brenda. She was a big help with the girls, and didn't mind the crying in the middle of the night. ;)

This pic is actually zoomed in enough it's not the best quality, but I wanted to make sure you could see the string of marshmallow. ;) The Ruthie Special is Chocolate graham cracker, strawberry marshmallow, and white chocolate. It's actually pretty yummy. :)

Family pic on the beach. We were on a scavenger hunt, which included pics in certain locations. It was good as it insured we actually took some pics of the gang together. (we lost the scavenger hunt tho. Badly. ;)
Another scavenger hunt pic. Or new friend there is named 'cowboy.' There is a horse camp section of the Nehalem Bay campground.

I was pretty exhausted when we got home, and telling myself I should have just sent Brian and Ru and stayed home with Teddy myself. But a week later I'm mostly recovered and will likely be excited to go again next year. Besides, they'll have to be sleeping better by then, right? ;)
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Intro to solid foods

Teddy is making pretty decent progress at sitting up.  She still needs a lot of support, but she's getting the balance thing figured out.  She's NOT making any progress towards sleeping thru the night.  For that matter, I tried transitioning her out of her swing and into her crib where she belongs, and that lasted a week since she never slept more than 90 minutes at a time in there.  Ever. Usually less.  So I put her back in her swing, and get excited if I get more than 2 hours at a time.
So I thought maybe it would help if I started her on solid foods, since she always falls asleep while nursing, then wakes up hungry.  Ru's first solid food was squash, and let's just say it was not the highlight of her day.  Ru never really did take to baby food.   I decided to also start Teddy with squash, since I had some puree in the fridge that I usually add to Ru's mac and cheese.
Here's the before pic:
 She loved it!

She even grabbed the spoon from me and tried to feed herself!
 We'll need to work a bit on her manners, such as the 'no feet on the table' rule.

Overall she had a great time, may have actually consumed a tablespoon or two of squash, and did NOT sleep any better at night, but that's ok.  It's a process.  I'm sure we'll get there before she's 20. 

Oh yeah, and here's your after pic:

A couple more 4 month pics

I took these on Teddy's 4 month b-day as well, altho without the pretty dress.  The background is actually navy blue, altho it looks black.
Love her eyes in this one. :)

Oh hey! I never posted the 4 month pics!

Boy, am I a slacker!  Must be that second child syndrome I've heard so much about...I've sure got my hands full these days.  Maybe when Teddy sleeps thru the night I'll be more consistent.  In the meantime, here's a handful of Teddy pics!