Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ru!

After the baptism everyone headed to our house for a pasta lunch and then Ruthie's birthday party!

Ru sat on Daddy's lap and opened her presents.  She's getting pretty good at pulling the paper off.  she was a little disappointed we didn't let her play with anything and instead kept moving the cool stuff away and handing her another gift.  But she got into the swing of it eventually.

Gotta love the little coy look, she's started tipping her head when she knows you're going to take a picture.
Still mastering the art of blowing, right now she just makes the 'f' sound when she tries to blow. 

Keep AWAY from my cake!  She only ate a few bites of the frosting and was done.  We don't give her sweets very often, so I'm guessing three bites of straight frosting was a bit rich for her, if she'd got to the cake itself she might have done a bit more damage.  I was fine with that tho.  Now if only I could have got a few more smiles out of her for the pictures!

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