Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Just a quick post to record an important milestone.  Today, Ruthie counted all the way to 12!  Previously she counted as high as 15...but always skipped a few numbers. (particularly 3 and 4)  this time she was very slow and deliberate and included everyone. :)  Of course, after 12 she went back to ten but...uh...who's counting? ;)

Teddy sorta hit a milestone too.  She had her first allergic reaction today.  Well, second I guess, but this time she had hives.  She was lying on a mat on the floor and Sammy snuck in behind me and was licking her face (Ruthie tattled on him! "baby sister, sunshine, Sammy!")  He'd done this once before, and while I'm glad he loves the baby, I'm not really into the face licking the infant thing.  Last time her face got some red blotches, but I just wiped her face and they went away pretty quickly.  This time the red blotches were there again, and as I wiped them I noticed she actually had some hives (white splotches) on her cheek as well.  I did call the doctor, altho they didn't get back to me until HOURS later, when the blotches had already faded. (and basically told me to wash her face really good.  Duh.)  Hopefully as long as I am super vigilant and keep Sammy from licking her it won't be much of an issue, as Ruthie LOVES Sammy and I really don't want to have to get rid of him.  (I do love him too!)  I'll keep you posted on any future developments with that.

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