Monday, April 26, 2010

Teddy's baptism

Lutherans believe in infant baptism, and we were quite happy to have both our girls baptised.  I don't know if I ever posted about Ru's, as the pics turned out awful (I didn't realize I had the flash turned off when I passed my camera off).  She was baptized June 29th, 2008, and my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Keith stood in for her sponsors, my brother Chris and his wife Nikki (who live in KS).  Sharon and Keith were visiting from KS so we scheduled the baptism for while they were here.

We weren't anticipating any visitors for Teddy's (Sharon and Keith were in Turkey at the time.  Whatever. ;) so I had a bit more flexibility with the date.  So I scheduled it to coincide with Ru's 2nd birthday party, to save the family from having to travel up twice.  So Teddy was baptized April 18th, 2010.  (both girls at Zion Lutheran Church here in Newberg)  I asked a fellow scrapbooker to take the pics this time, so we got MUCH better pictures. :)

Teddy's sponsors were Don and Judy Kennedy (often referred to as gma Judy and gpa Don) and my brother John and his girlfriend Misty.  Pastor Steve Estrem performed the baptism.  

Larry and Connie (Brian's folks) were also there, but my mom and Marvin and actually Grandpa Don were not, as all three of them had the stomach flu.  (crazy, as mom and marv live 5 hours away)  Oh yeah, and Daddy and Ruthie were there, too. ;)

Nana bought her a dress (she bought Ruthie's too) and since you can't really see it much I took some pics at home in her crib.  

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